Reel Repair

Our Process

We’re the only shop that does this kind of thing…

  1. Tear down and examine

  2. Second, we’ll wash it in odorless solvent and rinse thoroughly.

  3. Wash again in a hot soap solution and rinse.

  4. Next we’ll blow dry the reel assembly and thoroughly re-grease all appropriate components.

  5. Finally, we’ll re-assemble and hand clean the outside of the reel with fine steel wool and CorrosionX, and put it through our guaranteed testing.


We have parts available for purchase

We offer reel repair classes upon request!

Guides & Lodges

Special pricing available for guides and lodges! Please contact John for more information.

Genuine parts

Reel Repair Pricing

# of Reels Price
1 $20 + parts
2 5% off
3 + 10% off